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Principle of Professional Cooperation

UNITY (Unity of America’s Dance Organizations) is a non-profit coalition of dance education and associated organizations. It promotes cooperation and dialogue within the dance profession and speaks with a unified voice on dance education and dance related issues.

In an effort to build respect, maintain open communications and promote goodwill between vendors and dance studios/teachers, UNITY Inc. has created the "Principles of Professional Cooperation." These principles offer a foundation for building integrity and mutual respect between the dance education community and those who wish to provide customer services. Teachers/studio owners recognize the importance of timely and concise communications with vendors. In order to achieve their goals, UNITY suggests that teachers/studio owners:

  • Communicate with vendors in a timely manner
  • Place orders promptly
  • Clearly state "required by" date
  • Clearly state special needs
  • Specify their preferred method of communication, e.g., email, phone, letter
  • Pay for orders as agreed with vendor
  • Be able to check order status at anytime
  • Allow sufficient time for order changes
  • Partner with vendors to solve special needs

Vendors appreciate the opportunity to exceed the teacher/studio owners' expectations. In an effort to do this, UNITY suggests that vendors:

  • Communicate with teachers/studios in a timely manner
  • Ensure accurate catalog descriptions and pictures
  • Specify lead time needed to build costumes
  • Clarify preferred and alternative communications, e.g., email, phone, letter
  • Send order confirmations in a timely manner
  • Secure the order date only upon payment
  • Observe "required by" date - if not possible, please issue timely notification
  • Accept order changes, given sufficient time
  • Ensure that costumes are wearable upon arrival
  • Partner with teachers/studio owners to resolve problems and suggest alternative solutions.

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