Tips For Accessorizing Dance Costumes

November 05, 2020

How To Elevate A Dance Costume With Accessories

Dance is all about creating a character that really connects with an audience. It’s about telling a compelling story without saying a word. When it comes to achieving that mission, even the tiniest details in a performance can make a huge impact.

That’s where accessories come in.

It is, of course, crucial to choose the perfect costume for a dance recital, competition, holiday show, or any other type of performance. However, to overlook the power of accessorizing is to miss out on a whole other world of possibility. In these challenging times, when performance budgets are tighter than ever, using accessories is a simple, inexpensive and highly effective way to present an “old” look in a brand new, exciting way that no one has seen before!

Proper accessorizing is more than just slapping on a cute hat or donning a piece of sparkly jewelry. To help you get the most out of your accessories, our design experts offer the following tips:

Stick To Your Story

Accessories do more than just complete a look. They help build your character and sell your story to the audience. It’s important to remember the purpose of your dance piece as you select your accessories, and be deliberate and intentional about the choices you make. Your costume, hair, makeup and music all combine to convey a certain message, and accessories should always support that.

Establish A Focal Point

To connect with your audience, you need to grab their attention, but you don’t want to overstimulate and confuse them. So, don’t overdo it with the accessories!

Accessories can establish a focal point in your ensemble and make it clear what character your dancer is trying to portray. Use too many accessories, and they’ll compete with one another. For example: if you’re using a hat and gloves to complement your costume, you probably don’t need anything else. If you’re using a necklace, you’ve got your focal point right there!

Also remember: Hair can be its own accessory. If you’re choosing a dramatic hairstyle for your performance, you’re already making a statement, and accessories might only serve to detract from that or muddle up the look.

Counteract The Costume

Need to spice up a simple costume? Trying to reinvent a look you’ve utilized before? Go bold with your accessories! For example, if you’re starting with a basic costume and planning an edgier dance piece, adding a mask can create a mysterious facade that sets the perfect tone for the performance.

Conversely, if your costume is bright, bold and overstated, keep your accessories subtle. A few classic rhinestone bobby pins or a headband could do the trick.

Resist The Urge To ALWAYS Match

Remember that focal point when establishing a color scheme. While an intentional monochromatic ensemble can certainly make an impact on stage, it doesn’t have to be your only way of accessorizing. Instead of taking a matchy-matchy approach to every look, use accessories to provide that crucial, attention-grabbing pop of color that gets the audience engaged in your story.

Naturally, how you choose to accessorize a costume will depend on the age of your dancers, the specific genre of dance and the theme and tone of your specific piece. Have a plan for building your look, and you’ll be amazed at the impact a few accessories can have on a performance.

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