How To Get the Most Out of 2-in-1 Dance Costumes

March 11, 2022

Stretching Your Style

The Costume Gallery designers share tips for styling 2-in-1 dance costumes to get maximum value and visual appeal out of our most versatile looks.

Artists look at challenges and see opportunities, and dance educators have found plenty of ways to flex their creative muscles over the past few years.

From shifting to virtual classes to staging socially-distanced recitals to stretching limited costume budgets without skipping a beat, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the innovative spirit in us all. The 2022 dance season has presented its own set of obstacles, but as spring rolls around, Costume Gallery is on a mission to support your recital vision!

Our designers have developed a super-versatile line of 2-in-1 dance costumes that offer much more than meets the eye. Like playthings for your imagination, these multifaceted looks can be molded to fit most any theme or genre, or to create something new that no one has seen before!

There are really no limits or rules; this is your show. If you need a spark of inspiration to help shape your costuming vision, here are some suggestions from our design team.


Designer Notes: Our “Princess For a Day” costume was initially intended to be a sweet first recital costume, but removing the tutu or adding just a simple headpiece turns it into a completely different character. You can go from a princess to a rabbit, from a little girls’ ballet costume to a kind of remixed bunny hop with rabbit ears and sparkly sneakers. Without the tutu, you can turn your tiny tapper into a flapper! But you’re not boxed in to how the costume is shown; you can take it to that next level and make it all your own.


Designer Notes: “The Entertainer” costume is a classic at its core, with a unitard and a back skirt and a tutu, but there are so many pieces that you can add to it — for example, gloves or a mask — to create different characters. Say you had a circus-themed performance with different groups of kids; this would be an awesome option, with completely different looks styled with all the different pieces. One group of dancers could wear the jazz version, and another group could take off the back skirt for an acro set. It would all coordinate together, so when they’re standing on stage at the same time, it would all be cohesive but also visually intriguing.


Designer Notes: Don’t be afraid of something with a simple silhouette! Our “Party Time” costume includes several basic foundational pieces, a camisole leotard, a traditional short tutu, a traditional circular skirt, and a fringe skirt. However, the costume is also available in multiple colors, so to add a whole other dimension to your performance, you could combine all three for a cohesive look that’s anything but basic. With fun accessories, creative makeup and different hairstyles, the sky's the limit for changing up this look!


Designer Notes: With a sparkly shortie unitard, tutu with sequin mesh, fringe skirt, ribbon ruffle shrug and matching bow headpiece all included, our “Spotlight” costume can shine in so many different ways! Add Motionwear leggings for a fun tap number or a pair of capris for a fresh 50s look. If you want to go a little more elegant, top off the look with some gloves or swap out the bow for a rhinestone floral headpiece. Any of our accessories can bring an entirely new character into the limelight!


Designer Notes: Designed to dazzle in lyrical or ballet performances, our “Waves of Water” costume pairs perfectly with a vast array of accessories. Create a delicate ballerina character with the euro tutu and a tiara, a magical woodland fairy by adding a pair of wings, or stick with the sparkly blue leotard for a mischievous water sprite or even a raindrop! This style can also be combined with some of our other nature-inspired costumes — such as “The Bee’s Knees,” “Day Lily,” “Elements,” or “Bitter Earth” — to fit within an Earthy recital theme.

The costumes shown here represent just a small sample of the versatile styles we have in stock right now! From adorable first recital costumes for toddlers to elegant ballet costumes to unique street looks for hip hop performances, every piece in our collection combines innovative design with exceptional quality and incredible value. Browse our website to find the ideal styles for your spring recital!