Get To Know The Dazzlers: Meet Chloe!

March 26, 2021

In the latest installment of our Dazzler Profile series, The Costume Gallery team caught up with Chloe Hally of Aston, PA

“Always go for it! You will regret more the things that you didn’t try than the things that you did, no matter the outcome.” -- Chloe Hally

The way Chloe Hally sees it, in order to be successful, young dancers have to approach their craft with a mix of courage and humility. They have to be brave enough to try new things. Then, they have to be humble enough to take feedback and use it as fuel.

It’s a combination of character traits that has definitely worked well for her. At 13, Chloe is already an accomplished dancer, as well as a model and ambassador for several different dancewear brands.

“Be willing to put in the time and work,” Chloe says. “Be willing to learn and grow by taking criticism and applying corrections. I have learned that if a teacher is willing to take the time to correct you, they see something in you. Never let a good teacher or a good connection go. If you are respectful, receptive, and a hard worker, the right mentors will find you and stay with you.”

Chloe is certainly one of the “good connections” we’ve made since starting our Dazzler program last year. As you will soon find out from reading her Q&A, Chloe is a hard-working, wise-beyond-her-years role model who tries to make a positive impact on the world around her in everything she does!

How did you get started in dance?

I started taking a Mommy & Me dance class when I was 2 and I never stopped!

What got you hooked on dance?

When I was asked to be on my studio competition team at 7 years old, I began to take dance more seriously. In the last several years, I have begun training outside my studio and taking more and more opportunities to grow my craft.

Who are your biggest mentors in dance, and what impact have they had on your life?

My amazing teacher, Miss Dara Meredith, has inspired me by pushing me and opening my mind and experiences to be more versatile. She taught me to step outside my comfort zone and try new styles. She has mentored me not only in dance, but in life. Her own dance journey is amazing and inspiring. She really walks the walk. She is the most challenging and demanding teacher I have, but she does it all with love, and I leave her classes and lessons feeling strong, capable, and always better than when I went in.

What is your first recital memory, and what do you remember about it?

I remember my first year at my current studio when I was 3, almost 4. I was wearing a purple tutu costume that I loved! I remember looking to the side of the stage and seeing my teacher, Miss Chris, doing all the moves with us in the wings and nodding to me with a huge smile as if to say, “Keep going, Chloe…you got this!”

What was your favorite costume of all time?

The first costume I ever wore was at my very first Mommy & Me class! I remember it well because it had a stuffed teddy bear in a matching costume that went with it! It was frilly and pink, just like a first costume should be!

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced during the pandemic?

While I was able to take more classes by more teachers over Zoom, I did miss learning face to face with a teacher and with my teammates. I am glad we were able to get back to that to some extent. I also am sad that our group dances that we worked so hard on never made it to the stage, and now will be different, as some friends have left our team.

How has your outlook on life changed in the past year?

I have grown to appreciate training and experience more and have been happy to let go of so much emphasis on competition.

What do you think it means to be an “Influencer”?

I think being an “Influencer” is maintaining a social media presence that is authentic, positive, supportive, kind, and collaborative. I believe that you must walk the walk, that your social media should be an extension and reflection of your real self and your real life. An “Influencer” should be a real friend and kind person to the friends and family they know and love first. An “Influencer” should stand for things and not be afraid or silent in times of trouble. I believe in being selective and honest in the brands that I support, and in building a community and network of amazing and supportive people!

We’d like to thank Chloe for sharing her personality and wisdom with our community, and for being such a great ambassador for our company! Please stay tuned to our blog as we continue to share more inspiring stories from the world of dance, and if you know a young dancer who might be a good fit for our Dazzler program, please direct them to our 2021-2022 online application.