September Dazzler Gallery

September 13, 2021

1. What was your favorite part about this season?

Andi: That I got to wear and model cool costumes!

Ava: I loved every time I received a CG dazzler box in the mail; receiving them lifted my spirits and gave me something to look forward to!

Julie: I enjoyed learning about the other CG dazzlers during the pandemic through their posts. My favorite thing about this season was that I still had the opportunity to model with your company safely during the pandemic.

Lilly: I really looked forward to getting the packages and seeing the different costumes! Trying them on was so much fun, picturing what kind of dance I could do in it!

2. What was your favorite Dazzler Project, and why?

Andi: Being in the Fashion Show because I love being on stage.

Ava: My favorite project was the holiday/Christmas dance video challenges. I enjoyed creating videos for the holiday season very much!

Julie: My favorite project was the winter holiday video. I had a lot of fun making the video, and I hope that it helped put people in a cheery mood for the holidays!

Lilly: My favorite project was the Halloween costume project, and take a costume and turn it into a Halloween photo; I enjoyed that because Halloween is my favorite holiday!

3. What was your favorite item included in your dazzler box?

Andi: Getting items from MotionWear to wear to dance class. :)

Ava: My favorite item was one of the first costumes I received in the mail! It was very sparkly and blue! I totally loved it!

Julie: I love all of the costumes and dancewear, but my favorite is the black Leo, and I enjoy wearing it to dance class.

Lilly: I really liked getting the Motionwear, it is very comfortable, and I got to wear it to class! I also really liked the blue velvet Leo!

4. How many tries did it take for you to get the best shot of your costumes?

Andi: About 10-ish ;)

Ava: Getting the best photo shot and video does take time! I always like to capture my very best, so I would say it takes me ~10 times per costume before I get my favorite shots. Finding a cool location for the photos also takes some time! It's a process!

Julie: For some photos, it took me at least five tries, but I had a lot of fun with it!

Lilly: I love taking pictures, so it was more hard deciding which picture to choose than what pose to do!

5. Share a favorite memory of being a dazzler!

Andi: Finding out I was a Dazzler!

Ava: One of my favorite memories is getting ready for the photos/videos. Also, I enjoy doing my hair and make-up!

Julie: When I received my first package and got to start sharing my photos with everyone!

Lilly: I really enjoyed it when we had a big zoom meeting at the beginning of the season! It was also very cool to be featured in the get to know the dazzlers!

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