Top 5 Costume Ordering Tips
January 05, 2018

Planning for recital can be stressful. You want to be sure your dancers are wearing styles that dazzle, while maximizing your savings for the season. Make your life easier by following these 5 helpful tips for easy and stress-free ordering this season.

Top 5 Ordering Tips

1) Pay in full prior to the Discount Date (January 22) for the largest discount. If you use your credit card that’ll float you a month.

2) Order a week BEFORE the discount date. That puts your order ahead of the pack!

3) Take advantage of the website. It's fast, easy, and most importantly open all night!!

4) If you need something yesterday, don’t forget about the Available Now section with over 50 available styles at You can see just how many costumes are available in each size. These are all 2018 styles that are in stock, and the best part…they'll ship in 5 days!

5) Always, always check your confirmation. Mistakes happen, on your end and on ours. Let's catch them early and have a dazzling 2018 season!