Five Benefits to a Two-In-One Costume
June 04, 2019

How Can A Two-In-One Costume Be Beneficial?

Two-in-one styles are dance costumes in which provide two looks for your dancers (both in which are included). Some inherently have three ways to style, given that they may come with a skirt and a tutu, for instance, but the leotard look is always an option.

5 Benefits to a Two-In-One Costume:

  1. These costumes provide great value since it's two (or more) looks within the price of one.
  2. Studio owners can use them across multiple recitals or even several years of recitals.
  3. Teachers can use them for more than one genre of dance.
  4. In production pieces, these costumes highlight different groups or a soloist within the routine.
  5. Parents will love the costumes given the surprising amount of versatility.

Here's some examples of two-in-one costumes:

19307 - A Star is Born

This style comes with a separate short tutu and fringe skirt, which makes it perfect for ballet classes as well as tap/jazz. Additionally, it can be worn without the skirt or tutu for a more unique, acro fusion look.

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

19314 - No Excuses

This sequin long sleeve brief-cut leotard comes with a separate tiered skirt. Therefore, not only is it good for tap and jazz, but it's perfect for acro classes.

No ExcusesNo Excuses

19328 - Sparkling Jewels

Sparkling Jewels is one of our leading costumes in versatility given that it can be worn four ways, without any need for additional accessories. Not only can it be styled as an adorable tap/jazz costume, or a traditional ballet look, but one can put the skirt on top of the tutu to add more sparkle. The fourth look (not shown here), is that of your dancers wearing the leotard without the skirt or tutu.

Sparkling JewelsSparkling Jewels

If you're looking to add accessories in to any two-in-one costumes, there are infinite ways in which these styles can be featured.