Costume Gallery Dazzlers Program - Get The Scoop

June 16, 2020

So let’s start with the basics - What is a Dazzler?

At Costume Gallery, Dazzlers are a part of our family! The perfect Dazzler candidate is a role model, brand ambassador, and influencer amongst peers in the dance community. We’re seeking dancers with invaluable experience and a lust for personal and professional growth. Our Dazzler Selection Committee carefully recruits and selects talented young movers and shakers to empower the world with their talent, passion, and artistry.

We offer two exciting programs: the Travel Dazzler and the Social Dazzler.


You’ll dazzle on the road while attending Costume Gallery events, photo shoots, fashion shows, and more! At events, you’ll strut your stuff in our beautiful costumes while networking with dance industry leaders and choreographers!


No matter where you are in the world, you get to spread your Dazzle on the screen! You’ll gain global exposure while promoting the Costume Gallery family in creative ways on multiple media channels with email, social media, web, and blog features!

Why do you want to be a Dazzler - let’s count the ways!

We’re accepting applications RIGHT NOW! Do you have what it takes? Show off those skills and apply today! You just may be the next dynamic feature to our dazzlin’ team!