How To Use Clothing To Build Community

July 23, 2020

How Can Clothing Help Cultivate Community?

Here at Costume Gallery, we’ve spent more than five decades helping dance teachers and studio owners inspire students and audiences alike with our dazzling recital and competition costumes, as well as our exquisite line of dance costume accessories. We understand how the clothes we wear can empower us as individuals while also connecting us to our community in a special way.

Along with Motionwear, the newest member of our family of brands, we’re committed to celebrating the sense of togetherness that lies at the heart of the dance community - and you can join us! Here are four ways you can use clothing to cultivate a stronger community within, and around, your studio:

  • GEAR UP - Promote your brand and pump up the team spirit within your studio by designing original gear you can sell to your dancers and their families. Colorful and stylish T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies or jackets emblazoned with your logo or studio name can be worn with pride everywhere they go, from competitions to the corner cafe!
  • KNOW THE CODE - Establishing a dress code within your studio can help students stay focused in rehearsals while enhancing their confidence and sense of belonging. Just as smart-looking uniforms symbolize togetherness on a sports team, a dress code can build cohesiveness within your dance troupe.
  • HOST A SWAP PARTY - A clothing swap is a great way to bring your students and their families together to socialize, strengthen bonds, and declutter their closets in an environmentally-friendly way. Each attendee brings 5-10 clothing items to trade, and dancer’s old outfit becomes another’s new favorite! Check out this infographic and get started hosting your own spectacular clothing swap!

  • SHOP LOCAL - In an increasingly disconnected, socially-distanced world, face-to-face interaction and personal attention mean more than ever. You don’t even have to search hard or travel far to find it! Just visit your local dance retailer, where you can physically touch items of clothing and try them on - not to mention speak to a friendly customer service representative and get your questions answered. A simple shopping trip can help you feel less isolated, while also stimulating your local economy. It really is that simple.

Stay tuned to our blog and don’t forget to follow us on social media as we continue to post updates about SHOP LOCAL and our other exciting community-building programs!