5-Star Value Means Exceptional Costumes at Budget Pricing

September 28, 2020

5-STAR VALUE: Everything You Love In A Dance Costume, For Less!

When you’re selecting costumes for a dance recital or competition, what are your key considerations?

Performance theme? Color palette? Age-appropriate style? Flattering fit for all body types?

Whether or not your Top 4 checklist items match up with ours, we’ll bet we can all agree on #5: VALUE.

How much dazzle can you get for your dollar?

You’ll always know the answer when you shop for costumes at Costume Gallery and see those 5 multi-colored stars shining back at you!

Our 5-Star Value collection is filled with superior-quality dance costumes that little dancers are sure to love -- at a price that fits any studio’s performance budget.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to love 5-Star Value:

  1. Material - Our costumes are crafted with the softest, most beautiful fabrics, all hand-selected for optimal look, fit and performance.
  2. Style - Kids are obsessed with our one-of-a-kind colorful designs!
  3. Comfort - No more itching and squirming before, during or after a performance! Our soft costumes are specially designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, so your tiny dancer will never want to take them off!
  4. Price - Budgets are tight. We understand! 5-Star Value provides all the style and quality you love, with a price tag you can feel good about.
  5. Sparkle - There’s just something special about a Costume Gallery costume, and you’ll feel it when you see your pride and joy up on stage, shining bright and stealing the show!

Our 5-Star Value costumes are worthy of a standing ovation, especially in these uncertain times. Spending too much on dancewear just isn’t an option for studio owners, dance teachers and choreographers trying to stay in business while navigating social distancing guidelines - and still provide the best possible dance experience for students, parents and audiences alike.

When it comes to recital and competition necessities, you don’t have to sacrifice on the sparkle in order to keep costs under control. You can still go for big looks and stay within budget.

Just look for the 5 stars in our catalog, on our website and everywhere in the Costume Gallery online community - from Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and Pinterest. 5 Stars means guaranteed smiles!

Contact us for more information about our 5-Star Value collection, and to place an order for budget-friendly ballet costumes, essential dance accessories, and more, head to our website and create an account today!